The EESPIG certification, created in 2013, helps to identify private, non-profit institutions that work in partnership with the French government and contribute to public service projects of higher education and research. Through several-year contracts, EESPIG-certified institutions participate in public service projects of higher education and research and receive a subsidy. In 2017, this subsidy was on average €713 per student per year, depending on the FESIC institution
The Private Higher Education Institution Working for the General Interest Certification (EESPIG) created by the so-called Fioraso Law of July 22nd 2013 is granted by the Ministry for Higher Education and Research on the advice of the CCESP Committee, the advisory committee that evaluates private higher education institutions. This certification is solely reserved for non-profit institutions.

Institutions are evaluated on a regular basis and monitored by the Ministry as well as the HCERES Council (High Council for the Evaluation of Research and Higher Education Institutions) the same way public schools are.The first EESPIG institutions were recognised thanks to a decree that was published in the Official Bulletin of July 23rd 2015. Starting February the 1st, a total of 58 institutions have been granted this official certification.

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The key numbers

ESTABLISHMENTS including 22 members of FESIC

The EESPIG certification is based on three requirements


The status of the institution:

only associations, foundations and professional societies that are recognised as promoting the public interest may be granted this certification.


The non-profit approach and disinterested management:
no dividends are to be payed to investors; the only profit sought is that of our students as they build their career path.


The contribution to the six missions of public service higher education and research:

initial and ongoing training programs; scientific and applied research, the promotion and dissemination of results; vocational orientation and employability; the sharing of technical and scientific culture and information; participating in the building of the European Higher Education and Research Area; international cooperation.

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