FESIC’s educational system combines the advantages of the public sector (certified degrees, research programmes, non-profit management, …) and those of the private sector (educational innovation, job expertise, relationships with the corporate world, …).
As private institutions, they handle their teaching programs with complete autonomy and corporate responsibility, which has proven to be successful.
As associations, they follow a strictly non-profit approach and dedicate 100% of their resources to supporting the achievement of their teaching programs.
As partners of the French government, they commit to participating to the public service that is higher education, are monitored by public authorities, and enjoy all the necessary reliability and degree certification.

Educational funding
As the schools of the FESIC network are private, associative institutions, they have tuition fees. The institutions only receive a small subsidy from the State, and the revenue of the educational tax must therefore be complemented by tuition fees provided by the families of students. But these tuition fees should not stand in the way of pursuing higher education. In addition to the State scholarships available to the students of our institutions, every school has implemented specific systems: merit based scholarships, trust based loans, special conditions for student loans taken out with partner organisations, … FESIC promotes innovative school funding systems to the government so as to support a real social opening for its schools.

Reputed and EESPIG-certified institutions

The EESPIG certification, created in 2013, helps to identify private, non-profit institutions that work in partnership with the French government and contribute to public service projects of higher education and research.

The FESIC establishment model can be described as :

  • Being a non-profit organization
  • Putting the students and their integration in society at the very center of the training
  • Having their disposal all necessary certifications, regulary checked by public authorities
  • Its commitment to the State in public service missions regarding higher education