UnilaSalle is an undergraduate school of engineering. It offers its 2500 students three engineering programs, which are authorised by the CTI: Agriculture and Agro-industries, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Food and Health. The School has two campuses, one in Beauvais and the others in Rouen and Rennes. It is one of the 72 members of the La Salle universities’ worldwide network.

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At UniLaSalle, for 160 years, we have been committed to carrying on the legacy of Jean-Baptiste de Lasalle, a visionary genius in teaching.

Our mission is to teach as well as to train.

At UniLaSalle, for 160 years, we have innovated in the field of Earth and Life Sciences.

Agriculture, food industry, food & Health, Geology, the Environment: our fields of study deal with the major issues of society, with global stakes, with exciting challenges which our student-entrepreneurs will have to face in the future.

At UniLaSalle, for 160 years, we have innovated with our partners so as to develop our territory on a local scale, while being connected to the world. We have 72 universities in 20 countries. Being part of the LaSalle network is, therefore, a real opportunity for our students, and for our partners.

At UniLaSalle, for 160 years, we have been committed to training men and women, of every origin, so that they can be innovators, entrepreneurs and involved in society.

And what about the future? UniLaSalle has the ambition of pursuing its work in the spirit of innovation with you, thanks to its research and academic programs in the service of the young generations and tomorrow’s society. »

Philippe CHOQUETGeneral Director of UniLaSalle

« Studying at LaSalle Beauvais-Esitpa means developing your autonomy while also receiving guidance. This is a great advantage, which facilitates our adaptation to the demanding and industrious nature of our curriculum. We acquire skills in our fields of study but also a sense of responsibility, reactivity and a willingness to continuously educate ourselves.»

Marie M.4th year

«I chose to join the staff of UniLaSalle because of the strengths of its teaching methods and educational project. Going beyond the academic aspects, the School believes that the self-fulfilment and personal development of every student are a priority. Throughout their schooling, we help students achieve personal development. Thanks to the availability of teachers and educational staff, who give them constant and attentive support. Thanks to the campus, which provides for an incomparable personal and collective environment. Thanks to numerous collective activities, which make it possible for everyone to be fulfilled, exchange views, to be confronted with others, to support and be supported. In this School the values of respect, of involvement and solidarity are not only part of the rhetoric, they are experienced in everyday life. To inspire confidence, to breed curiosity and initiative…this is the purpose of our project. What is the aim? To give to every student the means to develop their entrepreneurial skills and to become responsible men and women.”


Valérie LEROUXDelegate Director

Site de Beauvais 
19 rue Pierre Waguet
BP 30313
60 026 Beauvais Cedex

Site de Rouen 
3 rue du Tronquet

76134 Rouen

+33 (0)3 44 06 25 25

Phone Rouen
+33 (0)2 32 82  91 47

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