isen TOULON medit.

ISEN Toulon is a school of engineering, which is authorised by the CTI and which trains reputed professionals in all fields of digital technology.

For example, it offers specialisation programs in big data and cloud computing, smart energy and home automation, embedded systems, mobile communication networks and connected objects, business engineering…First and foremost, by enrolling in ISEN in Toulon you tailor your learning in accordance to your interests and aspirations.

On the other hand, ISEN in Nîmes is more focused on biotechnology through the PCSI preparatory class.


More information available on the school's website

« ISEN Toulon and ISEN Nîmes place students at a crossroads of technologies, their fields of application and societal issues. Our campuses reveal talent and they are very committed to the values of Fesic. This enables everyone to fully express their potential and ambitions via a modular program, which is open to the world and interacts with the professional sphere. Social openness is also supported for high potential candidates thanks to different financial support systems.»

Didier GOGUENHEIMDirector

« We want to train responsible and ingenious engineers. This is the reason why we use innovative teaching methods to provide our students with the right reflexes so that they can thoroughly learn about the world's complexity: project assignments in cooperation with companies, an approach centred on users via co-design methods, rapid prototyping at our Fablab, a member of the MIT FabFoundation.»

Guillaume PEROCHEAU(in charge of SHES) and innovation sociologist

ISEN Toulon
Maison du Numérique et de l’Innovation
Place Georges Pompidou
83000 Toulon
tel :+33 (0)4 94 03 89 59
mail : vé

ISEN Nîmes
Parc george besse
30000 Nîmes
tél :+33 (0)6 84 83 70 15
mail :

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