The aim of the school is to be part of innovation and to encourage an entrepreneurial spirit through its teaching methods, the development of its research programme, counselling and its internationalisation.

Training general engineers …
A first course in order to acquire sound scientific, technical and general knowledge; a second course to acquire the tools for future engineers within their technical, human, and economic environment, the ability to synthesise and be interdisciplinary
in distinctive skills
The possibility to choose different options allows every student to customise their study plan so as to adapt it to their career plan.
During the entire course students are offered opportunities to go abroad: over the course of 5 years students can spend up to 32 months abroad.
A course which has close connections with companies: 15 to 18 months of work experience, in France or abroad.

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Christophe FACHONDirector of ISA

« What I like at ISA is the project-based learning, which establishes close ties with the professional world and strengthens operational effectiveness. What’s more, it can provide us with professionalisation contracts. But the main reason why I chose ISA is its teaching method based on choice: it allows me to tailor my curriculum, thanks to the specialisation course and to the In-Depth Module in 5th year. And I am also thinking of going abroad when I finish my studies, as I would like to attend an international double-degree course!»

AgatheEngineering student in 4th year

« One of the main pillars of our strategy is based on inter-disciplinarity and innovation. As far as teaching methods are concerned, innovative and collaboration projects are carried out (co-eLAB teaching projects). They bring together 5 to 6 students and lecturers-researchers from different schools and over the course of three months, they focus on real subjects regarding the innovation of companies. Our teaching method should take into account that the engineers of the future must be capable of innovating differently, at a junction of domains as diverse as design, marketing or sociology of usage. And they must go beyond core skills, which are solely focused on technologies. »

Flore RATAJLecturer-researcher. In charge of counseling for companies and innovation

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