HEI trains general engineers capable of carrying out high level technical projects and of managing teams in an international and multicultural context. The school is founded on its distinctive features: its close ties with the economic world, a personal development approach and engineering teaching methods linked to new professions.
HEI offers, starting from the 4th year, 14 areas of professionalisation: buildings: architecture and planning, civil engineering, banking: finance and insurance, mechanical conception, smart cities, energy: electrical and automised systems, entrepreneurship, computer science and information technologies, medical and health engineering, innovation management, mechatronics and robotics, industrial and logistic operations management, chemistry environmental procedures, innovative technologies and international textile management.
HEI has two campuses, one in Lille and one in Châteauroux.

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« For 130 years HEI has trained general engineers, who are responsible, innovative and open to the world. We do our best to ensure that every student can carry out their professional and personal projects, in accordance with the expectations of companies. Our purpose is to reveal the talents of each and every one of them. HEI is a school which is part of FESIC, because it has the same views on teaching: teachers of excellence, customised support, personal development training at the heart of the project and close ties with companies. »

Vincent SIXDirector of HEI

Frédéric DE LA HOUSSAYE3rd year student

13 rue de Toul
BP 41290
59046 Lille Cedex

+33 (0)3 28 38 48 58

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