Since 1907, ESSEC has always been devoted to being a pioneer and to face the challenges of the future. In an uncertain world – open and technological – ESSEC offers a unique educational model, based first on creating and conveying high-end knowledge, and then on the link between academic learning and field experiences. In France, Singapore and now Morocco, ESSEC helps organisations and trains individuals, by giving them keys to anticipate, create and act to serve economics and society.


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« Since 1907, the aim of ESSEC is to answer to the challenges of the future. In a world that is always more open, more technological, more uncertain, with missions all the more complex, ESSEC offers a singular educational model. Indeed, it is based on creating and giving high-end knowledge, on the link between academic learning and field experiences, and on opening ourselves to cultures and dialogue with them. We have a continuous care for placing economics in a position to serve Humanity and progress. Today, we are proud to belong to FESIC, since we share the same values.»


« Thanks to the course’s flexibility, I’ve been able to try out many specialisations: the law or the urban economy departments for example, before finding what I was looking for in marketing. I’ve created a unique path, according to my wishes.»

Lorraine3rd year student, Grande Ecole

«ESSEC in an integrator, driven by research, management, technology and society, which allows students of all sorts to shrewdly understand technological evolutions, geopolitical risks, environmental challenges as well as social and ethical issues.Thus, ESSEC trains leaders of our time, who are able to be confronted with uncertainty and complexity, to be innovative in their professional environments, to anticipate and even set up new trends.»


Campus de Cergy-Pontoise
ESSEC Business School
3 Avenue Bernard Hirsch
CS 50105 Cergy
95021 Cergy-Pontoise CEDEX
Phone :+33 (0)1 34 43 30 00

Campus Asie-Pacifique
ESSEC Asia – Pacific
5 Nepal Park,
Singapore 139408
Phone : (65) 68 84 97 80

Campus de La Défense
ESSEC Executive Education
CNIT – BP230
92 053 – Paris La Défense
Phone :+33 (0)1 46 92 49 00

Campus Afrique Atlantique
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