ESCOM offers a complete training course in different disciplines of chemistry coupled with the acquisition of managerial skills.
These fundamental skills are then implemented by students during their work experiences.  The aim of this school is to train competent, open-minded, adaptable and responsible engineers so that they can easily join the workforce.

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« ESCOM, which is a member of the FESIC federation, is a non-profit school, which trains chemical engineers, who are taken on by companies so as to perpetuate and develop their activities. It is an active entrepreneur in its region and its city, Compiègne, due to its courses and its research on green chemistry. It is a socially committed key player and provides training in engineering via apprenticeship. A responsible teaching method, which ESCOM was among the first schools to adopt.»

Gérard BACQUETDirector

I personally believe that apprenticeship is a successful compromise between theory and practice. I chose ESCOM because of the quality of its teaching and of its apprenticeship engineering course. I am an apprentice at BASF Coatings, I am in charge of the preparation of paint. I received help throughout my research of companies and I am still supported by an ESCOM mentor. My school is capable of paying attention to its students and establishing good ties with companies.

Jeyaharshani MAHESWARANApprentice Student attending 4th year

I teach computational tools. They are indispensable for training engineers and helping them to develop general skills, such as rigor, critical sense… Engineers must also be attentive to the world that surrounds them. ESCOM suggests that its students get involved with pupils, from primary school to secondary school. They help them attend higher education and therefore they develop social openness skills.

César POUPAUDMathematics Teacher in charge of the programmes Cordés and ASTEP

1 allée du réseau Jean-Marie Buckmaster
60200 Compiègne

+33 (0)3 44 23 88 00

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FESIC – 23 rue d’Antin – 75002 Paris | T : +33 (0)1 80 90 53 10 |

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