ESAIP is a engineering school specialised in the fields of digital technologies, security and prevention of industrial and environmental risks.
The profile of the students that attend this school are deliberately diverse, both for postgrad (2/3 scientific sector and 1/3 technological sector) and for post-grad+2 (1/3 DUT, 1/3 CPGE, 1/3 BTS and Degree).
ESAIP offers an international experience to 100% of its students (from 9 to 18 months).

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« ESAIP – Engineering School belonging to the LaSalle international programme – focuses on young people’s training and fulfilment. Academically speaking, the school is in constant evolution in order to adapt to all students and to give them pointers. The aim? Help them build their own personality while developing an understanding and tolerance of others, thanks particularly to three compulsory experiences abroad. The school helps the students so that they develop adaptability and agility to reach the performance level companies are looking for! »

Christophe ROUVRAISGeneral Director

« Thanks to the projects carried out in class and to the student community life, this course enables us to learn fantastic skills. ERASMUS experiences abroad, which are set up by the school, open our minds up and help us in becoming trilingual. Choosing our major – which happens in the fourth year – allows us to specialise. Generally speaking, companies are not only looking for technical skills, but also for versatility and a will to commit! »

Anthony COPPIN3rd year Engineering-student in digital technology, Students Office’s President

« My job here at ESAIP is to create training programmes – for students both in apprenticeship or following the initial course – which meet the current and future market needs. I also work on developing relationships with companies, in order to get experts coming every year to teach our students the skills and keys to their professional success.»

Thierry ROLLANDHead of Education in Risk Prevention & Environment

ESAIP Angers
18 Rue du 8 Mai 1945
49124 Saint-Barthélemy-d’Anjou
+33 (0)2 41 96 65 10

ESAIP Aix-en-Provence
34 Route de Galice, 13090 Aix en Provence
+33 (0)2 41 96 65 10

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