ESA is a school of Higher Education and Research in Agriculture, Agronomy, Food Sciences, Environment and Marketing. This school focuses on the agricultures of today and tomorrow, and its main commitment is to feed the world with intelligence – a commitment which impacts the students’ training and the living sciences and rural world’s sectors.

ESA (Graduate School in Agriculture) is a school of Higher Education and Research in Agriculture, Agronomy, Food Sciences, Environment and Marketing, of an international dimension. More than 2,500 students are currently working at ESA – including 900 engineering-students and 250 foreign students from more than 35 different countries, a recurring number welcomed every year. The teaching method combines field experience with scientific and technical fundamentals that evolve with every new innovation. It relies on the scientific excellence of applied research, of its studies and advice.
Our multidisciplinary research units work on tomorrow’s challenges: environmentally intensive agriculture, agricultural changes, food for seniors…

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« Agriculture is a strategic field, and ESA develops its capacity of anticipating and innovating, to train our graduates even better. The school stands for strong values, which are close to the ones of FESIC: spread the will of building a fairer and more fraternal world, respect everyone’s personal beliefs, be convinced that everyone is unique and can make progress, combine training with education, and knowledge transfer with life initiation. »

René SIRETGeneral Director of ESA

« I specialised in animal production but – thanks to ESA – I have a true added value, since I can also tackle transversal topics: accounting, nutrition, societal challenges, work organisation… I have acquired this open-mindedness thanks to the classes and to the numerous internships I did in various fields. I’ve been able to be challenged by other students in both our community life and our group projects – which are very stimulating, with real problems given by corporate sponsors. ESA plays a part in developing my ability to carry out a project and to be open-minded, which is crucial for my professional integration.»

Simon TANNE5th year engineering-student

« For ESA, the students’ humane education – through a particular help in their personal and professional projects – is of a vital importance. The Engineering programme has been designed to enable a beautiful synergy between every stakeholder’s objectives: companies’ growth strategies, students’ professional ambitions, and also the teachers’ know-how which trains competent and operational engineers. »

Christophe NAUDINLecturer-researcher in Crop Production & Agro Ecology at ESA

55, rue Rabelais
B.P 30748

+33 (0)2 41 23 55 55

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