AGRICULTURE AND FOOD INDUSTRY ARE THE TOP HIRING SECTORS IN FRANCE! Whether you are looking to become the Director of a production site, a quality controller or a marketing manager, PURPAN can give you access to it thanks to the sound knowledge provided by its programs.

The School was created in 1919 and its reputation is founded on 8 criteria of excellence:

  • 200 engineers graduate each year: a 5-year degree after high school
  • A degree which is certified by the Engineering Degree Commission (Commission des Titres d’Ingénieur CTI)
  • A program enabling personal development, which is a key factor
  • An international experience of excellence: 100% of students live in English-speaking countries for 3 months
  • Close ties with companies: genuine PURPAN trademark from 15 to 18 months of internship
  • Le Domaine of Lamothe, the School’s farm
  • A wide range of professional careers
  • 300 jobs: around 50% of students find a job before graduating, 95% in the 6 months following graduation
  • A campus where work rhymes with well-being: 40 hectares in the heart of Toulouse

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«Being a good engineer means being able to constantly shift from field work to conceptualisation, from strategic vision to everyday practice. An ability which explains why 15% of our 4600 engineers who have been trained since the School was founded have achieved leading executive or managerial positions.

Our aim is to make it possible for students to enter the labour market at the end of our 5-year program. The range of jobs we provide training for enables us to achieve very high rates of employability. In terms of number of graduates, we are the second agricultural-food industry school in France.»

Michel ROUXGeneral Director


Our School offers a general education due to the diversity of jobs relevant to the agricultural and food industry sectors.

The program, the experiences which are offered, the pedagogy which is adopted, the values of the School and of Fésic, make it possible for the students to structure their professional careers and to be granted an Engineering degree from a reputed School.

Furthermore, the international dimension of the school makes it easier for the students to be open-minded and capable of interacting with professional partners abroad. »

Didier KLEIBERLecturer-Researcher Director for Education

«PURPAN gives us the chance to get to know ourselves. The program offered on a human scale, being able to share experiences during our internships, meeting a great number of participants with different backgrounds and professions, and shifting from the acquisition of knowledge to the acquisition of skills, will help me make the right choices for my future».

Marieke4th year student

75 voie du TOEC,
31076 Toulouse Cedex 3

+33 (0)5 61 15 30 30

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