Recognized for the quality and the requirement of its training, Practitioners psychologists’ School (Psychology-prat ‘) is the only school in France the diploma of which gives access to the titles certified by psychologist and by psychotherapist. In Paris and in Lyon, the EPP trains in 5 years the specialists recognized by RH, by clinical psychology, by psychology of the education and the justice.
Thought to allow every student to bloom and to make to succeed, his educational model is centered on the listening and the opening in the other one.
Attentive to the evolutions of the business, the EPP proposes a program allying theory and practice, to allow the students to anchor their knowledge in the field experience.
Opened on the international stage, the School encourages every student to leave at least 3 months abroad. With his network.

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«Psychoprat trained and always trains generations of robust psychologists and psychotherapists. it strives to offer by a modern pedagogy and innovative devices a substantial fundamental teaching and a training to the new theories of the world of the psychology. The professionalization by the professional dumping and the situation scenarios begins from the 3è year.
The project of school is built around values bases strong: humanism, personal realization, solidarity and modernity.
Thanks to the membership in the network FESIC, and the sharing of common values, the school will continue its development in the future to carry together excellent projects.»

Jacques ARENESDirector of the School of the Psychologists Practitioners

« The EPP pulls its wealth of the diversity of the taught disciplines and the exchanges which are favored there, whether it is between pupils of a promotion, between promotions and even between the teaching personnel and the pupils. The clubs and societies and the office of the school cover a very wide choice of teachings and complementary trainings in the classic education of very high quality dispensed. It is a school where life is enjoyable and where we can draw up a serious professional project on the theoretical and practical plan. »

Maxence FURHMANN4th year EPP

«The former student of the EPP, this training(formation) perfectly prepared me for the exercise of my job thanks to the numerous internships and concrete teachings which she proposes. In the EPP, contrary in the university program, all the teachers have an activity of ground and so pass on to(transmit) us their practical experience. Being at the moment a teacher, I have in my tour with heart to transmit my passion for this job in psychologists' future generations.»

Charlotte SOUMET-LEMANTeacher psychology-prat explain its vision of the school and its place

23, rue du Montparnasse – 75006 PARIS
+33 (0)1 53 63 81 81

71, rue Molière – 69003 LYON
+33 (0)4 72 61 97 07