Graduate School of General Engineering created in 1992, this school trains field engineers with a high scientific, technological and managerial level.

ECAM-EPMI is a Graduate School of General Engineering created in 1992 by four major industrial groups: EDF, Philips, PSA and Schneider. It trains general top-level engineers in three fields with high growth potential: Energy, Industry and Digital Technology. The school is accredited to award graduate and Masters-level engineering degrees by the CTI (French Engineering Degree Commission). The school is part of the prestigious French “Conférence des Grandes Ecoles” and of the CoomUE “Paris Seine”, a Parisian community of university and institutes.

ECAM-EPMI built its educational project directly confronting the needs and requirements of the labour market, thus guaranteeing an exceptional employment rate to all its graduates.

The school issues three degrees:
-General Engineering Degree (student status).
-Specialised Engineering Degree in “Power & Environmental Engineering” (apprentice status).
-Master’s degree in Protection by video and digital remote processing

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« By its pragmatism, its professional rooting and its will to perform, ECAM-EMPI is firmly grounded, all the while looking to the skies of operational excellence and of sustainable and mastered development.

We teach our students to combine “know-how” and behavioural skills, to let their “science” be transcended by their “conscience” – both responsible and human.That is the reason why we are proud to be a part of the FESIC network with which we share values dear to our hearts: social open-mindedness, interculturality, respect of differences… All these values are vital to train aware engineers.»

A.- Moumen DARCHERIFGeneral Director of ECAM-EPMI – Vice-President of Paris-Seine University, in charge of Student life

« For 4 years, ECAM-EPMI has known how to give me the education I wanted. Through classes and associative projects, it taught me to be resourceful, to never give up and to never take anything for granted. According to me, ECAM-EPMI is the perfect school for anyone who needs a solid ground, as well as a stepping stone to go higher and further.»

Marielle HENRY2nd year student

Karim LABADIPhD/Lecturer-Researcher in Industrial automation, Automation and Operational Research

13 boulevard de l’Hautil

+33 (0)1 30 75 60 40
+33 (0)1 30 75 60 41

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