FESIC and its private non-profit schools are a seal of quality and success for students and their parents, as well as the State (the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research), with which a trusting relationship has been established.
FESIC institutions have set themselves the goal of readying students for a successful integration into the job market. They forge autonomy and decisional skills thanks to teaching methods based on academic knowledge, business expertise and personal fulfilment.

Attentiveness, respect, tolerance, effort, cooperation, sharing, and self-realisation are some of FESIC’s core values, which can be found in its charter. All of FESIC’s institutions are committed to respecting these values so as to provide students with the best support possible.

These values find an echo in four of FESIC institutions’ priority areas of actions:

    • Commitment to serve all
    • Social responsibility
    • Innovation and efficient teaching
    • Academic excellence and global ambition

Committed to Serve All

FESIC’s institutions deeply care about being socially open: informing high school students, being diverse in its recruitment, providing financial aid, welcoming students with disabilities, enabling students to anonymously consult a psychologist if needed, …

valeurs_innovation_puceESSEC inspired the “Cordées de la Réussite” program by launching its own program, called “Entering a Grande École: why not me?”, to support equal opportunities. The student mentoring program “Cordées de la Réussite” was launched in 2002-2003 to offer the opportunity to young people from working-class backgrounds to learn more about higher education, acquire the required skills and formulate a higher education project.

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On averagevaleurs_innovation_puce, 1 out of 5 students benefits from a CROUS scholarship in FESIC schools. The schools themselves also provide financial helps.

valeurs_innovation_puceLaSalle Beauvais boasts a student body made up of 24% scholarship students and has implemented merit-based scholarships for its most hard-working students. These cover between 25% and 100% of the tuition fees.

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Social Responsibility

FESIC’s institutions are attentive to the needs of society. They support public policies, such as apprenticeships and university groupings – like the COMUE initiative that associates universities and institutions of higher education.

On average, in every FESIC’s institution,valeurs_innovation_puce 18% of students partake in apprenticeships. In some cases, it is even more: the Icam group has become the first school in France to have as many student as apprenticeship graduates by giving students the possibility to start their apprenticeship in their 3rd year.

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valeurs_innovation_puceESSEC and l’ECAM-EPMI are founding members of the Paris Seine University COMUE associating 13 private and public higher education and research institutions. This international campus has over 28,000 students and is involved in 6 competitive clusters – a size that enables it to play a defining international role.

Innovation and efficient teaching

FESIC’s institutions are especially innovative regarding teaching resources, employment integration and links with the corporate world. It is in their DNA.

Thevaleurs_innovation_puce i-lab that was created in 2015 by ISEN Toulon and two other schools received the Fab Foundation label from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). The i-lab is a collaborative space of around 700 m² that benefits from an investment of nearly one million euros. There, students learn to use professional equipment as well as digital facilities. Thanks to 3D printers (semi-professional use), a 3D scanner and a digital milling machine, it allows them to go from conception to rapid prototyping.

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valeurs_innovation_puceBBA EDHEC students take part in hackathons, programmer gatherings over shorts periods of time, where they develop a software prototype in a competitive spirit. Students thus learn to work on a given subject with a multi-faceted team and within a time limit. In 2015, two teams won prizes at the  Hackathon Vinci and were able to push forward with their projects.

valeurs_innovation_puceIn Lille, HEI, ISA and ISEN have developed ADICODE, innovation and co-design workshops based on a transdisciplinary approach. A firm can for instance create its own actual innovations there, together with students, teachers and the schools’ co-design team leaders.

Academic excellence and global ambition

Fundamental and applied research enable schools to improve their competitivity on the European and global scale. Even more international campuses are being opened: Shanghai, Singapore, Fez, London, Budapest, Chennai, Douala, …

With its 3 Nobel prizes (1912, 2005 and 2007) and two academicians among its graduates, academic research truly is a part of CPE Lyon‘s DNA: many engineers are undertaking a PhD – including in the digital field, which is uncommon. With its three  valeurs_innovation_puce (1912, 2005 et 2007).

valeurs_innovation_puceAt IESEG, around one fourth of the students and more than 80% of the permanent teaching staff come from abroad. 90% of the classes are taught in English.

valeurs_innovation_puceIn 2013, in partnership with “Cour Sainte-Marie de Hann”, FESIC opened an integrated preparatory cycle in Dakarthat is shared with 13 FESIC engineering schools.