Being a part of a network makes it easier to develop more ambitious projects that are less expensive for each individual institution. There are 2 goals:

  • attract international students while making sure that they will be able to follow the courses offered at FESIC’s institutions, while giving the opportunity to students in France to continue their studies abroad;
  • develop programs abroad that are recognised by several FESIC members and targeted to both local and international students.

These educational, scientific and technological curriculum projects are undertaken in partnership with local institutions and within FESIC’s work groups. With its members’ EESPIG certification – which certifies private, non-profit higher education institutions working for the general interest –, these projects benefit from the support of diplomatic services as they also contribute to France’s policies on welcoming international students.

2016 was marked with active initiative in Senegal. This project is meant to attract students who are sufficiently prepared to come study in France, or continue their training locally, with curriculums that were co-developed by partner institutions. Other collective developments abroad are under study.

  FESIC Preparatory program (Prépa) in Dakar
FESIC has developed a preparatory program in Senegal for students aiming to study at an engineering school. Twelve FESIC engineering schools are participating. Courses are held at our local partner’s Cours Sainte Marie de Hann. The first school year began in September 2013. The program has since had a growing success.