The FESIC organisation was created in 1969 by Norbert SÉGARD – renowned scientist and former Minister of Foreign Trade, Postal Services and Telecommunications who grew up in the North of France – alongside a group of directors of engineering “Grandes Ecoles”. As soon as it was created, FESIC members wanted to “underline FESIC’s originality by involving a real part of humanism in the course trainings and making a difference in the way courses were managed”.
In the 60s, Norbert SÉGARD took part in the creation of several schools. Ahead of his time, he believed that gathering them would enable these schools to gain in efficiency as well as in recognition by firms, the government, young people and their families.

It is how the first network of higher education institutions saw the light in France.
The FESIC association is today formed by highly reputable institutions with humanist traditions, which benefit from great development dynamics. It is a network united around the concepts of excellence, ethics and service to society.